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Remember , the reason tax cuts go to the rich is beacuse the rich pay 85% of the ler6sonal income collected....cant give a cut to folks who don't pay taxes


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https://archive.fo/T7E9E :

Surging U.S. deficit a warning for Canadians wanting tax cuts: Don Pittis | CBC News

"Widespread analysis from the U.S. blamed the Dow and Nasdaq's precipitous decline on their precipitous rise following the U.S. tax cuts."

'Critics argued the tax cuts were little more than a way of transferring money from government coffers to wealthy, stock-owning Americans. '

'Meanwhile the tax cuts, which profited stocks and their shareholders when they were introduced, had done much less to stimulate productive investment and the more lasting benefits that come with it. '

'While Morneau thinks about how to keep Canadian business investment at home, he will no doubt be considering whether the U.S. game plan is ultimately the best one. '

'And there is plenty of evidence that making the rich richer and the poor poorer is not in the long-term benefit of Canadians or Canadian business. '

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