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There are enough of them that they are able to shut down Jewish speakers on college campuses. They have been more powerful than the Jews for at least 20 years.

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I don't give a fuck about Jewish speakers on college campuses

You should start to care. The rioters opposing them are the same exact people blocking conservative speakers. Start paying attention and you'll see it.

I care about Jewish writers and news media figures in the mass media.

They are all getting fired and replaced by Muslim sycophants and race war supporters.

When the New York Times becomes overwhelmingly Palestinian and pushes for open borders in the US then I might care

It has been that way for the past 20 years and longer. The hiring of Judi Rudoren was a major scandal. Thomas Friedman was a Palestinian activist before the NYT hired him. There were very few Palestinian activists in the 1970s.

The Jews you are complaining about have been shamed by other powers into being race traitors or are doing it for money. Have you noticed how almost all of the anti-white movement are white cucks? It's the same thing. Have you noticed how Soros, the Rockefellers, and the mafia run fake identity interest groups for power and profit? They do the same thing to the Jews.


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does it freak you out that your Zionist ideology is not received here Schlomo?