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[–] CheeseboogersGhost 3 points 12 points (+15|-3) ago 

and not a jew is mentioned anywhere in there.


[–] TheTrigger 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

The artist is apparently from stormfront; so I'd take a guess and say that it just so happens that this particular comic doesn't name the jew. But I'm certain that others do.


[–] 9-11 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago  (edited ago)

Tell everyone how you support the UK's far-left totalitarian proto-Islamist governments censorship of the right. Arresting Lauren Southern, in your opinion, was a good move... And how you think detaining innocent westerners for wrong-think is a smart move.

Anyone browsing your recent comments will see.


[–] CheeseboogersGhost 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Why are you making shit up, jew? I hate the Bolshevik left and muslims. You cucks are butthurt because I point out how Lauren is a nigger humping jewess degenerate snaggle-toothed skank. Why would you back someone like her? Because yo uare a jew shill. That's why!