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And so Soros slides the Overton window over just a little bit more. "See goyim, the Left are the side of anti-Semites, come love Muslims with us over here on the Left."


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Muslims don't like us, we don't like them, you are inventing a narrative...

Muslims become normal after a few generations of living together (used to live in Bosnia) but these African muslims are nigger-tier retards that do not want to coexist, they are super-muslims that want to destroy the West, unlike the Balkan Muslims, their imams (maybe spelled wrong) advocate for destruction of the West.

Idk how you find this news pro-muslim. I personally enjoy this news because Yurop does everything to paint them as good guys and Trump's Jerusalem move made them go apeshit and the MSM is not talking about it but the videos were trending on Facebook, thus increasing distrust in media, specially among the young.

This is my take on it.


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Extremist of either color are generally a pain in the ass.


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https://archive.fo/QsyTg :

The Uncomfortable Truth About Swedish Anti-Semitism - The New York Times

'During his state visit to Sweden in 2013, President Barack Obama didn’t hesitate to call out the country’s anti-Semitism problem. '

'For starters, there are growing demands from Sweden’s Jewish organizations for the state to do more to protect them. '

'None of these efforts can be successful, however, without openly acknowledging the nature of modern anti-Semitism in Sweden. '

'Swedish politicians have no problem condemning anti-Semitism carried out by right-wingers. '

'On Dec. 6, Sweden’s state TV attributed President Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem to the supposed extreme strength of the so-called Jewish lobby in the United States. '

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