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[–] TAThatBoomerang [S] ago 

I suppose that is true, communist Marxism is probably worse than capitalism (even though cultural Marxism is ironically enough being pushed throughout all of the western capitalist states). However, why settle? Instead of being brainwashed by US propaganda and eventually having your children being replaced by arabs and africans in the future, fight for something better. Fight for truth and the betterment of western people.


[–] kujda 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

You don't understand. I'm not saying to settle for what it is. I'm saying that there is a path and you go step by step. Step 1: get rid of the soviets (done). Step 2: improve to some day become fully independent. Step 3: Don't let fucking "refugees" into our country (this has so far been done - no "refugees" are let in Poland).