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Obama: But they work for me.


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Okay, yes, I feel the same way. I hear and read about ISIS being funded by CIA and that the US has been selling them weapons and even training them. That, and going back to articles and interviews about the WTC bombing of 93, and the very suspicious events on 9/11 especially the attack and claim that the Plane basically disentegrated, erradicating all passengers and the plane, but left a single passport for clues.

It all adds up to my confusion about the events, what the ties are exactly to ISIS to that world and to the US and the CIA. I think that as seekers of answers, (I mean really, I could say everyone that's looking for truth, but that in itself is reason for ridicule). I'm not screaming Conspiracy. But to be honest, I can't help myself but feel that things have not been all they seem and that there's more to all these events.

For those reasons, I want to tell the people of Paris and the surrounding countries to be wary of help from the US. Even if it's my country, I wouldn't trust them.

By Putin publicly announcing that it would like to help the US against ISIS, it's putting the US and it's military in a spot where if they refuse, it might potentially signify it's really their creation anyways. To be honest, if the US and Russia got together against ISIS, they would be able to erradicate the threat once and for all. I'm very curious how the US will respond to his offer.

Am I being too paranoid? Should I just shut up because I don't know anything? Yes, probably. But honestly, who is going to risk themselves in a public debate or in a presidential hearing to voice their opinions and concerns that are very legitimate, but risks their own freedom and their own image.


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Most people that are over 25 already know that we funded ISIS, Al-Qeida and many others. Iran Contra scandal, Cuban exiles, Jundallah, Wahhabi, and ANY major drug cartel that is still operational. We (AND EVERY OTHER MAJOR COUNTRY) do these things to "keep our hands clean." We KNOW it will eventually backfire, but sometimes we need immediate results and we think we can just contain the next problem later. This happens in EVERY MAJOR COUNTRY and has been happening forever. This is world politics. We can't get our hands dirty and bomb who we want, so we arm the "rebels" or other guys and let them duke it out.


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If ISIS is the US' toy, wouldn't it make sense to just wipe their hands clean of the whole deal and just turn their backs on them?


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No dude lol what if this is a sht test?! Lol even tho u could get around it


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Putin knows


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