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Here's a well known example: Non-Muslim women who are visiting a mosque, such as reporters or politicians, will respect their host's rules and traditions of wearing some kind of head covering. They will do this regardless of their personal beliefs, religion or lack thereof, or that it may offend them because it infringes on their personal rights.

These people are not the majority of the population of Germany, nor are they even citizens of Germany. They are visitors and as such they too should be respectful of their hosts' rules and traditions regardless of their religious preferences. Why are they offended by something they are not required to participate in? Why can't they go do their own thing and let the country that is hosting them observe their own traditions? Why is it that everyone has to be respectful of them and their traditions when visiting meanwhile they don't have to reciprocate the courtesy?


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It's the Muslim modus operandi.

Require reading


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I wish I could give you 100 up votes. I've seen that post before, but it speaks the truth.


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main problem with being polite is that it reinforces their superiority complex


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Rome, withe the Vatican in it and stuff; is the city in Europe with most mosques.

Non-Muslims are not allowed in the holy city of Mecca. I have disdain for such blatant double standards.


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Because the Muslim way is the only correct, righteous true Moral way, infidel pig-eating pig.

There can be no reasoning with dogma or reciprocal respect with unbending fanatics.