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With the current level of traffic, I'm able to keep up with the rules I've established here and check every single article (if I miss anything, please message me). Reading through this thread right now.


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Hey Moe, all I ask is that you maintain objectivity and do not let any personal bias seep into the process. The balance in viewpoints is what sets Voat apart. If it is ever lost, then Reddit and its larger population with greater total content wins.


[–] moe [M] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I'll always be open to feedback from the users here and do my best to make sure that my reasoning is understood. If you ever notice something wrong with what I've established, please do point it out :o

I'd prefer to take care of issues before they spiral out of control, and I want to establish policies that future Moderators of this subverse cannot abuse, or at least not easily.


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like a boss.

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Listen to OP oh great mod. Listen the fuck to OP.