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As Darnell would say, "Shocked, my @$$, everything on the Chinese calendar is on their menus except Dragon and I bet that's only because they already ate'em all!"

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That was probably the main course until a westerner sounded the alarm and took it to social media. Based Hermann keeping the bug people in check.

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I thought the Chinese liked deep-fried rat. Or maybe they only serve that to round-eyes.

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https://archive.fo/fJyal :

Rat in Broth Wipes $190 Million Off Restaurant Chain’s Value - The New York Times

'The rat was found last week at a branch of the chain, Xiabu Xiabu, in Weifang, a city in the eastern province of Shandong. '

'For one Chinese restaurant chain, however, an item found by a customer at one of its outlets has proved to be particularly costly: a rat. '

'Customers dip pieces of raw meat and vegetables into a big vat of simmering broth until everything cooks and bubbles to the surface. '

' A local newspaper reported the incident on Friday and video footage of the customer picking the rat out with chopsticks circulated on Chinese social media all weekend. '

'A video of a small, dead rat — boiled, gelatinous and with its stunned arms outstretched — fished out of a vat of bubbling broth has shocked China, and sent shares of a popular restaurant chain plummeting. '

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There is a reason Japanese cook food in front of you because Japanese learned how easy is to cook rat and pretend it's chicken.

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