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Again? Spain has shown it will go to rather considerable lengths to keep the lucrative province in its fold. I doubt they will just give them a thumps-up now.


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https://archive.fo/9fzYG :

Catalan separatists pack Barcelona to demand split from Spain | Reuters

'Parties favoring a split with Spain won most seats in regional elections that Rajoy convened in December in the hope of derailing the independence movement. '

'BARCELONA (Reuters) - Catalan separatists began gathering in Barcelona on Tuesday to celebrate their region’s commemorative day and boost its bid for independence, in an event expected to draw hundreds of thousands onto the city’s streets. '

'Just under a year ago, Puigdemont’s pro-independence regional government held a referendum on independence, ruled unconstitutional by Madrid, followed by a unilateral declaration of independence. '

'A July poll showed 46.7 percent of Catalans saying they wanted an independent state while 44.9 percent did not. '

'On Tuesday, tractors bearing huge yellow ribbons and red-and-yellow Catalan flags rolled into Barcelona from rural areas while yellow-hued banners bearing the faces of those in jail and the word ‘Free’ hung from city lamp posts. '

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