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As angry as this makes you, remember the animal's are a great danger but who let them in is the true threat.

Don't forget this.

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Of course. But unlike, say, guns, subhuman tools with no puppet-masters pulling their strings can still commit tons of havoc, death, and damage. Even w/out (((them))), animals are still violent criminals.

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Even w/out (((them))), animals are still violent criminals.

This is the only thing that bothers me about Patrick Little. He puts the groid at the same level as whites, socially.

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We will have to deal with both

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Remember to take 'the ones that let them in' out first, then you move on to these animals.

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guys, guys,remember,this has nothing to do with race,it's just another crime in South Africa.

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Just a robbery gone wrong.

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He put himself in the duffel bag, zipped it from the outside , put themselves under the bed , killed himself , and locked the door.....

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Yeah, if that white baby didn't seduce them by wearing sexy clothes non of this would of happened.

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Went to see the source interview w/the Suidlanders guy, mentioned in the first line of the article AAAND..."The account associated with this Youtube video has been terminated."

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How do you even...oh wait niggers, if its about chimping they find a way, thought I doubt primates do this to its own kind.

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Send in the fucking troops.

[–] BlueDrache 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

If only to evacuate the whites ... then ... leave.

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NO! South Africa is a White nation, and always was. They got cucked and bullied into handing power to the nigger invaders.

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No. Kill all the nigs. All of them.

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And then when they’re all at a safe distance, we perform a little experiment where we test what would happen to a country if we layed out a nice carpet of MOABs.

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This is why I don't support our troops. We manage to attack countries who have never even remotely suggested aggression towards Americans but we give no fucks when real genocide is happening.

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We'd love to go over there. Get our piece of shit politicians in line and i'll gladly go over there and get revenge.

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Yemen or south African civilization.

Pick a lane people.

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Any oil in South Africa?

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We need to document and remimber this when we see the likes of Al sharpton. toting it is just us EVIL racists who are pushing this agenda. They are nothing more then animals and need to be treated as such.

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The article should be sent to sharpton by mail

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These assholes believe that they will be cured when they have HIV and rape kids.

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