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Or, alternatively, Kim is doing the same fucking thing his predecessors have repeatedly done in the past - put on a nice face when the pressure from the international community becomes too heavy, and then continue business as usual while things cool down.

Getting functioning nukes has been one of the primary goals of the Kim dynasty since its very inception. Throwing that out of the window would be taking a big, fat dump on the legacy of his father and grandfather, something which Kim can not reasonably afford to risk when their cult of personality means they are effectively worshipped as gods.

And with China getting increasingly pissy at the antics of the Norks, a nuclear weaponry effectively is the only trump card Kim can use to keep both them and (in a less likely scenario) the United States out of his country.

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NK nukes are effectively useless. They cant hit targets, They cant reach long distance, They are moderately easy to shoot down. It is a weapon he can only use against SK and that would destroy such a significant component of the peninsula that it would effectively render any expansion useless. Nukes are not magical, they have as many limitations as any other weapons system and kims nukes are as feeble as they come. His bottom tier weapons program IS NOT A TRUMP CARD. Its barely a hurdle.