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Better not give them the right to vote. You'll wind up like SA.

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Hopefully they didn't just let any ol' "refugee" in and only allowed in those who are sane inside. If that's the case, then letting them vote shouldn't matter too much. Still shouldn't be allowed to though.

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You really think so?

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I read about how Liberals flee blue states to red states in the USA and voting for the same liberal policies that made them flee the liberal states in the first place. I also wouldn't trust whites who gave blacks more political power or who even let them in the first place for cheap labor.

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Probably not these but we see bad shit with Asians here where the people we bring in make sense but their children go full retard. Like jeong.

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Hungary’s gonna climb the rugby rankings after a few years

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Wait a minute, i have seen those people... https://invidio.us/watch?v=hqdyyHJb_SE

It's the same people who wanted to migrate to russia.

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Haven't looked into it at all, but it may be an organization that helps South Africans migrate.

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Yep, it says in the first paragraphs that they are a delegation of farmers

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“I would like our country to [be the first] in the European Union to start to [offer sanctuary to them] in the future, because they have European roots, and are persecuted Christians.”

Poland you are slipping, ffs even if they are not catholic they are still christians if thats what it is about.

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Sorry, we don't need Africans. Especially the morons who have stayed in SA this long and allowed this to happen. Good riddance.

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Then you will get the brown divesity, plausible deniability, "See EU we take in refugees, wahts that they are not brown enoguh for you?!?, oh my you better hope that this repill you just blurted doesnt make peole stand up, fuck you all giving us allies on the anti EU road."

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I hope the countries which let them resettle don't grant the resettling generation voting and citizenship. They gave away one country, the domestic natives shouldn't take a chance that there's a cultural component to them which might inspire them to give away theirs.

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Every country should. They are real refugees. Not like the niggers, taco niggers, and sand niggers flooding white countries

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Some of them are refugees. The ones who worked for their own destruction are not.

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Fucking badass.

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That's one option. The other option is nemesis: Wakanda for never and universal reality annihilation.

Destroy creation itself rather than retreat.

What else do we have to do but spend the rest of eternity and the universe working towards a worthy goal. Is there any goal more worthy than perfectly completing what was started?

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