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Let him die. Don't care. He is not fighting for a white West or the right for Whites to exist, he is a Zionist Jew, all he's doing is deflecting to detract from the fact that his people are actively trying to genocide the white European race, make us focus on Muslims instead of the evils that Jews are committing. We can focus on both parties as an evil that we must eradicate.

We're better off letting Jews & Muslims fight and kill each other.

Edit: Listen, shills. Down voting me isn't going to help you, even if my comment is hidden due to enough down votes people will be curious to read why it was down voted and hidden and will just up-vote it if they agree with it or think the down votes are unwarrented or just don't care for the unnecessary censorship and bump me up anyways. You're fighting a losing battle here. Calling out a Jew for being a fucking Jew kike while at the same time calling out the dirty sandnigger Muslims as enemies of a State is not a thing that people here by a majority will disagree with. We don't care nor pander towards your bullshit Political Correctness. Fuck off and go gas yourselves and save us the trouble, dirty Jew kikes.


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You have zero of both votes retard.


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Thanks for the update Einstein.

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To what degree do we hold a collective accountable for the actions of a few?

The problem here is not the violation of a basic human right to free speech. The problem is that a controlled opposition at any time can choose to discard that controlled opposition to sacrifice it and genocide its followers, which is the sole purpose of controlling an opposition force for the benefit of the opposed side(s). Thus it should be stressed as being the reason why it should be warned that you should not blindly follow that controlled opposition like a lemming sheep, this is what leads to cult-like behavior to paraphrase "Drink the Kool-aid".

If this is to be avoided at all it should be noted that any who follow that controlled opposition, the controlled opposition needs to realize that those who follow it cannot be controlled. In other words, the followers must be "Woke" and "Red-Pilled" or "Jew-Pilled".

Zionist Jews cultivated and indoctrinated these Muslims for decades for this sole purpose of subliminally forcing us to focus on the Muslim hordes to deflect attention away from the bullshit that they are pulling behind the puppet strings to genocide the white race(s) of European descended peoples. These facts should not be over-looked just because a controlled opposition Zionist Jew is shilling to force a populace awakening against a cultivated Muslim hordes invasion of the West.

If we ignore the Jew factor in the equation then we will not survive. If we're not conscious of the fact that a Communist Revolution for that matter is a Jewish one then we will lose.


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It's true, he works for Israel.