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Wouldn't it be better to retake control of those lands and give them back to their owners: the farmers? Why should a white farmer flee from the place where he was born, the place that his parents gave him, the place that he considers home? Would you do this if it was your own home, your own land, the place where you spent your childhood?


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Not unless you can remove the blacks. Whites are only about 8%. The nigger blacks are always going to want to kill them. It's what niggers do. They've been doing it forever and they aren't going to stop.

South Africa was successful until apartheid ended. It's only been 25 years. They can't last without draconian control of the niggers

Blacks in the US are only 13% and they're constantly rumbling about a race war. If they ever got to 30% you would have to kill them all or remove them all. No choice. If they don't when the time comes, whites will be killed.


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The number shouldn't be 13%, Obama brought in countless Somolians to buffer their number.


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You are right but apparently the world needs more proof that blacks aren't civilized and can't run a society. Their starvavtion and descent into chaos will be hilarious to watch, only because they asked for it themselves. Their eventual take over by the chinese that will treat them worse than slaves will be even better as they demand help from whites as they are eventually genocided. Unfortunately for the black race their genes ,and iq, aren't designed for the modern world.


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I do hope you are right about the Chinese.


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Sir, are you trying to give me an erection?
If so, it's working.