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In a country with any decency, you'd be executed for this.


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This country worships money, honors murderers and thieves. Being a psychopath and/or sociopath means promotion, especially the CEO slot.


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We gotta get the fuck out of here. Wanna go to Mexico? Gotta be like, what, 9 people there?


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Injustices in the medical field always hit me the hardest.


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https://archive.is/s0wxD | https://vgy.me/spN25l.png :

Pharmaceutical giant 'plotted to destroy cancer drugs to drive prices up 4000%' | The Independent

'Leaked internal emails appear to show employees at one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies calling for “celebration” over price hikes of cancer drugs, an investigation has revealed. '

'Price rises for generic cancer drugs, such as those acquired by Aspen, cost the NHS in England around £380m a year for prescriptions dispensed outside hospitals, the European Cancer Congress has estimated. '

'Staff at Aspen Pharmacare reportedly plotted to destroy stocks of life-saving medicines during a price dispute with the Spanish health service in 2014. '

'After purchasing five different cancer drugs from British firm GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the company tried to sell the medicines in Europe for up to 40 times their previous price, reported The Times. '

'The price increases were made possible by a loophole that allows drug companies to change the price of medicines if they are no longer branded with the same name. '

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