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David Cameron's recent Orwellian policies and positions should be enough for Germany--and all other members of the EU for that matter-- to at least be wary of their involvement in the EU. If they permeate further into the EU it will be detrimental for all involved.

While I'm sure Putin would not mind the weakening of the Western European powers (and he may go as far to financially support this position), I'm not too sure if that is necessarily a bad thing.


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Why would Germany be wary of EU involvement? The Germans (or at least, German politicians) benefit greatly from the EU - it provides them with a measure of control over the economies of Germany's neighbors.

Personally I am not against the concept of a European Union, but its current implementation is broken on many levels.


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There is no need to be wary when Germany and France, among others, aren't far behind.


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I doubt Russia has anything to do with the European people being sick of the EU's bullshit. They also have absolutely nothing to back this up.

But hey, anything that lowers Russia's reputation and takes power from EU opposants is good, right? Because everyone who doesn't agree with how the western world is going is either a terrorist or under control of the Russian propaganda machine, right?