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"Man ripped from natural state, put back on good medications and goes back to his cubical"


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And, dies of cancer from the fluorescent light bulbs. Irony!!!


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"I've never felt alone. It's been a lot of thinking for years, sleeping in the open. It's very simple to live, we do not need many things,"

Wise words. We truly don't. Love + water + sleep + a little bit of food every now and then - stress/fear/chaos = Eternal Life.


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I can smell the patchouli from here, you filthy hippy.


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lol, i'd tear you into two pieces you piece of shit.



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It is thought Anton suffers from schizophrenia and has now been put back on medication.

He managed to travel through 10 countries, including Canada and the United States, without a passport, with the intention of reaching the National Library in Argentina.

That he could travel for so long and have schizophrenia is pretty surprising to me.


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Gotta diagnose anything that doesn't follow that norm, ya know.


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Yes, I suspect his urge to travel played a large part in his psychologists'/psychiatrists' decision to diagnose him with schizophrenia.

The idea that someone with true schizophrenia - that is, with delusions and hallucinations that they are completely incapable of distinguishing from reality - could travel alone across two continents seems very far fetched.


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Schizophrenia doesn't make people mentally retarded.


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No, but it doesn't exactly make it easy for you to focus on reality in the way that a trek across North and South American wilderness might require.


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that pisses me off actually...

He spent 5 years; not hurting anyone including himself, quite apparently didn't have a "psychotic break", no sort of break-down to make anyone else believe he needed hospitalization in all that time...... Yet he's "schizophrenic".....................................?

No, he's not "schizophrenic", and his captors are overly authoritarian psychotic monsters.

Can we really trust all the other diagnoses of "schizophrenia"...? Not at all, and what that label does to people socially, is akin to manslaughter. The media portrays "schizophrenics" in such a way as to terrify the masses in regards to them. Even if they're high functioning, they generally are denied jobs, denied relationships, whether they be romantic or just friendly, often ostracized far worse than Sex Offenders....

It's fucking atrocious, having worked in Mental "Healthcare" seen what happens when someone is rightfully pissed at being held involuntary to suit the "sensibilities" of brainwashed authoritarian followers, as well as profit-margins of government funded facilities. Oh that's just excuse to say they're "violent", any attitude about being fucked in the ass, indicative of "violence", they can't leave the facility until they have "therapeutic" levels of whichever chemical cocktail in their system, cocktails that often cause; hallucinations, delusions, and over a long enough period of time permanent neurological damage.

It's basically amounts to PUNITIVE PSYCHIATRY, you don't think and behave just the way the establishment demands, you have a "mental illness", they use that "mental illness" to take away your Human and Civil Rights, and you get upset about it, you're potentially "violent" and subject to indefinite detention, forced drugging, and effectively murdered socially...

Fucking crimes against humanity committed everyday in the Western World, Human/Civil Rights abolished, all in the name of "Mental Healthcare", that is the world we live in &...

Fuck (((Sigmund SCHLOMO Freud))) and his Psy-War against the Goyim masses that started this shit. As well as all you dumb-fuckers who buy into their brainwashing campaign, fuck you and your "safe-spaces" to protect your delusions.....



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Up your meds bro.


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This guy knows something we don't. Godspeed Anton.


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Enough wild shrooms, along the way, have squeegee-cleaned his third-eye pretty damned well, I'd imagine.


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The Canadian government will fly him home on credit, so the GoFundMe thing is bullshit.

Yes they will garnish any future paycheques to cover the deportation, but he isn't too likely to have any.


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Plane tickets cost $13,000?


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Well, they do have some pretty big warehouses. He should've just ordered something same day and they would've found him.


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Holy shit, no knowledge of current events!

Show him voat first!

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