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Muslims do kill dogs. I lived in a Muslim country for several years - and we had a small pack of wild dogs near our 'estate' that lived in the nearby grassy development area and scavenged for food. These dogs were harmless and never bit nor went near anybody.

Eventually the dogs discovered that some nice Expats lived down the road, so they would travel sometimes (peacefully) to our house and get some rice from us, or they would wait in their grassy area for some people to drop off rice (usually expats or Chinese) etc for them to eat. All lovely dogs, barely even wild even though they lived outside.

Anyway, one day the dogs started dying. Not just dying but, dying horrifying slow and painful deaths while vomiting green stuff. Some of these poor dogs would literally die on our doorsteps as they desperately sought out some help or attention from somebody who would care for them.

They were being poisoned. With rat poison.

Local Muslim neighbors didn't like the dogs being around, so they put rat poison in food and fed it to the dogs. They killed several of them, some of them dying in our arms. This would happen fairly regularly until it basically became a continuous hazard for the dogs and they would have to try to learn to avoid the poisons.

But it wasn't just these 'wild' dogs that were poisoned. Neighbors dogs too. People would come home one day and find their dogs dead in the backyard. Rat poison again (vomiting bile, having convulsions etc). This happened the entire time that I lived there, to several families with children. Somebody just murdered the family dog.

That's my experience on Muslims and dogs. Also, 90% of them are terrified of dogs. Terrified. Like girly terrified. (And yes I know some Muslims have dogs and like dogs, but they were the extreme minority).


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I'm glad I keep my dogs inside. If they need to go outside to do their business I hang out with them. Mostly because of the local hillbillies that like to steal dogs. I don't know why they do this but I even heard them openly talking about it when I was in high school.

Anyway, I imagine the reason so many of those folks are scared of dogs has to do with dogs being such a good judge of character.


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I've heard of hillbillies stealing dogs too. They would use the stolen dogs as bait for their cage fighting dogs.


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US cops love to kill dogs too.

Must be a sign of psychopathy.


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I really do not care wild dogs are bad in general. That is mighty fucking white of you to go to another country and act completely against the cultural norms of that society and then tut-tut at them.

I do not like shitskins or there shitty pedo relgion but even a racist like me knows dogs are haram to the majority of mudslims. I also know wild dogs spread disease, cause auto crashes, upset the local ecology namely local wildlife, do bite and attack children, ect.

Given the limited public services internationally around animal control the best available option was used to deal with a problem you fucking do good wonder bread whites created in the local community. You fucking idiots left out food that attracted dogs into a community that does not like wild dog and does not need wild dogs, you idiots where the very instrument that lead to the local community having to respond to the wild dogs you brought into there space.

You are to at be at least moderately intelligent if not above normal intelligence. There is a very good reason every one in western civilization is generally familiar with the concept "Do not feed wild life or strays." you chose to ignore that.

Fucking idiot


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"It's dey culcha" - AlphaWookie