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Bollocks! Once the Battle of France got underway in May 1940 Churchill predicted that next would come “The Battle of Britain”, but he was wrong. Hitler never wanted war with Britain. Contrary to popular belief, he allowed the British to evacuate their soldiers from Dunkirk; it was not due to his switching of Panzer divisions south nor placing confidence in the Luftwaffe to destroy them. Hitler believed a peaceful exit from France would induce the British to negotiate a quid pro quo: recognize German dominance over the continent in return for Germany leaving Britain and her colonies alone. Lord Halifax and other key UK officials supported this offer while Churchill, now Prime Minister, stood almost alone in opposition. Hitler explicitly forbade the bombing of British cities in the summer of 1940 in a bid to reconciliate the two warring nations. Many historians believe that the Hess flight to Scotland to make peace in 1941 was secretly sanctioned by Hitler. In this case the inducement came in the form of an Anglo-German agreement to destroy the Soviet Union, or at least keep Britain neutral during Operation Barbarossa. Only Churchill’s pledge to aid Stalin in June of 1941 prevented this outcome

In sum, Britain could have made peace in 1941 and still kept her empire, including India, which Hitler rightly assumed was as vital to the British as their home island.


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Ding ding ding, this is the right answer. Churchill getting involved in the war under certain pressure is their biggest mistake in recent history. 20 mil Russians died, only god know how many civilians in Europe died, communist Russia took over Eastern Europe, England lost India soon after... and on and on. If Hitler wanted victory over England - he had it at Dunkirk.


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because he couldnt invade without air superiority over the channel and didnt have anywhere near the naval capabilities to be able to land an entire army group on an island.

If the RAF had been defeated during the Battle of Britain it would have happened.