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He gets it. This is what he wants.


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And don't just stop at Obama.

You might want to get the Pope into this spotlight. Here you have this idiot Pope washing Muslim feet as a sign of his personal piety even as his priests are kidnapped, tortured and then crucified by Jihadists. The Pope does not even bother to understand the belief system that Islam represents:

Islam says Christians are idolaters and blasphemers who follow a corrupted and evil version of what they think is the true bible, the Koran. And Muslims are supposed to follow the rules laid out in the Koran and Hadith and mimic the life of Mohammad, which means waging war on the POPE, his Church, on Obama, his nation, and on everyone that does not agree with their belief system which includes all other forms of Islam and every other belief system on the planet.

That is Islam. ISLAM = Intolerance. So when you see your Muslim coworker smiling and being nice, you are seeing an act of apostasy in action. Which is great. Its just that Islam allows for an apostate Muslim to come back to the fold. So what you have there is a ticking time bomb, not a co-worker who shares your values.

Even a coworker who declares himself to no longer be a follower of Islam does still maintain one chance, and one chance only, to return to Islam if confronted by a fellow Muslim. This shit is serious. Family ties and the threat of ostracism are powerful.

Our society has yet to start championing the principles of Liberalism and Personal Moral Choice and contrasting that with the rules based ethic of Islam. That is on Obama and every media outlet and political leader in the country and around the world who is choosing political correctness and silence over the need to confront the Islamic Ideology. We cannot defuse and dismantle Islam without the War of Ideas I am talking about.


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Or... He does get it and sympathizes with them...