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I wouldn't say I'm experienced by any means, but I've worked with those that are very skilled. Maybe we can bounce resources off each other.

What are you looking to do?


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Thanks so much for the message and apologies for the belated reply, I'm struggling with some stuff at the moment. To answer your question as to what I intend to do, I'm an artist and I love doing carved wood sculptures as well as more traditional wood working like boxes and such. I have so many questions and I look forward to talking to you more in the future.


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If you want to mass produce boxes with high quality dovetail joints, take a look at the rockler dovetail jig and get yourself a good router. I like the makita but it's up to you.

I would also invest in a decent planer so you can buy cheaper wood cuts and size them to your needs. If you can afford it buy a planer jointer so you can do both.

I would also buy a small air compressor and a micro nailer if you're doing smaller projects. If you're doing casings or furniture I'd get a Brad nailer.

Spring tools makes some awesome nail setters that prevent you from making divot into the wood when trying to set a nail flush.

Also, a dremil may make your artistry go quicker. I would also recommend either joining a local wood working club or picking up a side job on the weekends with a finished carpenter as a helper. Those fuckers know what they're doing and they're always pushing their limits. They'll also teach you a whole new understanding on minute details and how those details effect the overall project.


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show the work I have done

Please do.

Also how about a list of tools you have so far and what sort of work area you have.

What is the next thing you'd like to work on?


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