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They are called “Chee-gro’s” when in front of polite company

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LOL. Such manners, :)

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First time I ever saw or heard of these guys was in Arkansas. Saw ticks that were huge also. In-laws raised Tennessee Walkers and I remember they would have to check the horses all the time for ticks. These things would get huge! I remember any light colors, and white would attract them like lies.

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We call 'em redbugs in the south. Their favorite thing to do is burrow in your nut sack or dick skin. It swells all up, gets red, itches like nothing you've ever felt in your life. Then grandma has to apply clear fingernail polish to said nut sack, or dick skin so suffocate the little bastards so you can pee straight again.

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I got those once on my legs walking in sand one day. it was the worst.

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Chinese Niggers?

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Lol that's what I first thought when I heard the word.

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The kind that attach to your ball sack

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You chacist! How dare you oppress the chiggery, shitlord.

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Damned right!