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Capitalism can't provide what we want because we passed laws restricting it from providing what we want so it must be banned.

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Capitalism doesn't make you take a shit on the ground.

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It takes away the means of production of toilets from the workers who toil mercilessly building them in the first place. The worker must join in solidarity with transvestites, crack heads, and Muslims to overthrow the imperialists and then there'll be a toilet on every sidewalk and alleyway in San Francisco.

Either that or if Karl Marx saw that city today he'd begin gassing millions to death with Zyklon-B.

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I may require immediate long term hospitalization due to excessive laughter from watching this. Hypocrisy is a helluva drug.

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Proof that some mental illness is hereditary.

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No, capitalism made San Francisco excessively rich, and lazy degenerate commies started stealing that money for their own evil programs.

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San Francisco was fantastic when the population was lower and when it was majority white.