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Don't fall for it. If he was here illegally, he should know better, and he should be deported. ICE is doing their job.
The left will use any defense of him as confirmation bias . The left constantly defends illegal aliens putting their well being over the well being of their own country and people. If you do that for this guy you are no different.
If anyone is here in America illegally you need to be deported; you need to be thrown out and treated with extreme prejudice.


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https://tweetsave.com/ramzpaul/status/1031993704498769920 :

RAMZPAUL on Twitter: "Congrats on punishing an old man who was drafted by the German army 74 years ago. Also, congrats on using a Nazi scientist (Wernher von Braun) to design the rockets that got us to the Moon.… /8PolX0N9k9"

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Trump really is ridiculous.

At some level I can't feel sorry for him getting worked over by Mueller and Rosenstein.


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Are you kidding me? Now the lefts lies about Trump and ICE being racist and targetting only a certain race of people has a hole punched in it.
If he was here illegally ICE is doing their job and upholding the law just as they should be and just as we demand and desire them to.

It doesn't matter who you are, if you are here illegally you need to fuck off back from whence you came. You are not a fucking citizen just becuase your on our land or within our borders