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No shit. They are just there standing with a "free money" sign and then they wonder why they get the worst of planet earth? And the jews are just looking at everything happening with a smile in their face. Just like the Weimar republic, jews raping the economy and general degeneracy.

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Quit giving them hand outs and they’d all go back to where they came from

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Any so-called refugee who visits their home country should automatically have their visa revoked. If it is safe enough to return for a holiday, it is safe enough to return to live.

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Very little in history is concrete. However, one of them is don’t piss off the Germans.

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Just like niggers in the US with their collective hands stuck out waiting for whitey to put something in it. They learned well. Just look at the taco niggers in the US, its quick study.

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Same with American niggers.