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While true, the "right" has just as big a hand in this, it's been tradition since at least Vietnam to bring home everyone you can..... They were loading Aircraft Carriers with Vietnamese people, and of course all their "lives were in danger for cooperating", which very well may have been true for the vast majority....

Point being, we knew this would happen, the "right" demanded all these wars to cover up (((Larry Silverstein's))) insurance fraud & murder, and to make the MIC companies billions at the tax-payers expense, and even the (((NeoCohen))) "right" knew that even if they wanted to pretend they didn't want to open the floodgates the bleeding heart lib-tards would demand it.

This has not been fun, the past 17 years or so of watching the calculated, orchestrated, systematic destruction of many countries, including ours, while our young men and women are still being brainwashed to enlist to "Protect Out Freedoms"............


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The Western world is on the verge of a civil war to determine if Islam has the right to conquer western civilization or not

It is a pity...

But I am good with that.

We CANNOT let the west be given freely to the muzzies. It will be good to:

A) have a chance to fight against the islamisation of the west!

B) fight the liberal wankers that caused this

C) win!