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Why no white men and black females?

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Because they're full of diseases.

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I was listening to a fairly informative JRE show... Shocking, I know... about prions in deer and Chronic wasting disease... He explicitly said that the doe population has a ridiculously higher number of prions. I expect the same is true in humans.

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They are targeting white women, because that’s all they need to do. That’s enough to ensure the next generation is black. And white men aren’t stupid enough to be programmed this way only women are.

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I was watching some old Doctor Who episodes from ten or twelve years ago. It's wall to wall black man, white woman relationships. Every now and then they throw in a black woman, white man. The conditioning is so fucking nakedly obvious, so in your face, and yet it never even gets mentioned in the carefully controlled media.

Folks the reason Western civilization has gone insane is because it was deliberately driven insane by those who control the information streams. First they took control over the media; then they used the media to deliberately poison our culture, brainwashing us to believe that black is white, up is down, wrong is right, and right is wrong. This has been a deliberate, systematic, sustained campaign that has been going on for decades, and it's still going on right now. You are being brainwashed by these evil bastards every day of your lives.

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First went the media, then the schools, then the churches. They were three separate realms of information; for body, mind, and soul, but those made way for the Cathedral. Progressive Media, Progressive Schools, Progressive Churches, always marching toward utopia leaving ashes in their wake.

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This is simple, boycott the companies that are advertising this shit, and at the same time shun the women models that sign up to do the photos.

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You have to be demented to fall for this bullshit.

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City Dwellers are demented.

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what needs to happen is a counter advertising campaign.

we need to promote to israeli women that dating outside of their religion is a good thing. #ISRAELcares

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and the sheep are being programmed