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wow, holy fuck

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This girl looks like all the chicks I go to university with, you prudes don't know how to tell the difference between 12 and a skinny 20 year old.

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In this thread: Q Boomers can't fucking tell how old women are.

Some women can age and not get fat! Crazy I know - they aren't like trees. You don't count the rings.

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You forgot the part about them completely missing the point of this sub.

We’ve got quite the assortment of retards down there.

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That isn't snow. Plant seed fluff.

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Shit I think your right. Fucking destroyed my reality.

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White girls. The most beautiful of all. Such a pity we are so suicidal.

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What is she, fucking 12?

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this sub has nothing to do with erotica. For example, no one on voat has a thing for threesomes with fathers and newborns. You can find something beautiful without wanting to hump it, or at least most of us can.

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Two things Kikes are known for, their subtly and only speaking for themselves. That's how all my fellow voaters feel.

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welcome to voat. there are a few things I wish I could ban, but I guess of course finding and murdering pedophiles instead of banning them is preferable.

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My bad I forgot any one under the age of 40 is illegal. I'll try to post wemon more to your liking next time.