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I can make these, HMU.

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I have a boyfriend .

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Damn right they are! Congrats! I’ve had that honor 4 times and it’s pure magic. Best of luck to you and yours!

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Nice! You're half way there my friend

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Ha! This dude is done with all that! I hope my seeds go forth and multiply with near reckless abandon in a few years. We need more American babies and can’t let them continue to murder our futures. That’s 4 more white kids poppoing out a yet to be determined amount of beautiful white babies!

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All babies look like Winston Churchill to me.

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Winston Churhkill*

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Have Babies. Save Euope. verbrenne keine Kohle.

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Some babies, white or not, are not especially beautiful. Especially just after birth. But otherwise, I think most babies look cute. And nothing like a baby who laughs his heart out!

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Newborns can be quit ugly, but after a month most (white) babies are adorable.

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Yes, I know. THey look ugly because of the birth trauma. But it is not only white babies who look beautiful.

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New lives, specifically white ones, are beautiful in general, imo. Even if the little one comes out looking like a potato for the first month 😄

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In France we call them têtards (tadpoles) because they have a big head and a small body! Ha ha ha!

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I'm a psychopath, babies make me want to strangle them, not sure why.

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Because they're parasitic little copies of their shitty parents, perhaps? ;)

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God damn right!! We patriotic parasites love to add to our ranks!! It’s the only way to overwhelm the cabals attempts to destroy our liberty!

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I felt that growing up. I got over it, thankfully. Do you have siblings?