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They didn't take shit from me. Get fit, take care of yourself, and set your girl straight. If your girl doesn't copy your politics 90% after a year or two, she doesn't respect you. And that's not on her, that's on you. Either in choosing a shitty girl or being a man unworthy of respect.

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You should come to Norway. We still have this, since we’re not weak faggots like most Americans.

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Not for long

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God bless Norway.

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wait... are you saying the jews kidnapped your wife and child? or are stopping you from getting married and breeding?

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They've certainly lowered the selection pool of traditional women. It's also hard to own land like that which is shown in the background.

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Maybe stop being such soy boy cuck faggots that the only white girls the niggers can steal are the fat ones

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Keep believing that.