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That's so strange! ... or is it??

It seems that each of us started the sub at about the same time.

Previous community was a /whatsthisbird community, so that'd be my preference to maintain. Of course other names make sense as well.

I for one would welcome any moderators of the other sub to moderate here as well.

Thanks /u/Rutcrex :)


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Hey I'm the mod for /v/whatisthisbird. We must have created these subverses at nearly the same time because I remember searching for both whatisthisbird and whatisthisbird before I created the subverse. You guys seem to have more traffic over here, so I'd be happy to merge with your subverse. I'm not sure what that entails on my end. Do I put up a sticky post on my subverse directing people to here? Or should I just remove it entirely?


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Yes, it does seem we created these at nearly the same time. I did the same search! :)

You're now a moderator.

As to your question, it's up to you. My thoughts: if the sub is deleted, someone else could potentially create it (if they searched for that exact sub). If the sub stays active with an information post, anyone who finds it can find another one.

I wonder if Voat has a redirect feature yet.