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Posted this on reddit awhile back, just want to double check.

Pretty sure I'm right, but the ones with question marks...yeah, totally guessing on them.

Thanks, and curious to see the responses!


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Your wood duck is definitely a wood duck ;)


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13 Pictures...

1 & 2 - Looks like a purple finch to me. One way that I've learned to tell the difference between these and House Finches is whether or not the streaks on their breast go through the red color or not. Since it looks like the streaks go throughout, definitely seems like a Purple Finch. Can't speak on whether the first one is juvenile or a female. Good luck :)

3 - 7: Sorry, no help here.

8 - Looks like a Chipping Sparrow to me. Brown cap, streak on the eye...

9 & 10 - Yep on Mourning Dove