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We Americans haven't gotten to vote about illegal immigration. Oh wait...I mean illegal aliens.

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Sounds like he is asking for people to get out and confront the right wing guys.

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https://archive.fo/o24Yc :

Foreign minister to Germans: get off the couch, fight racism - The Washington Post

'After the rallies were over, small groups clashed with each other, police reported. '

'Far-right activists and leftist groups had already clashed in Chemnitz on Monday, a day after the 35-year-old German man’s death. '

'Eighteen people, including three police officers, were injured during the rallies, which at times were very tense, especially after police ended a march of the far right groups early. '

'Scenes of vigilantes chasing foreigners in the city’s streets have shocked people in others parts of Germany since then. '

'Around 4,000 leftist protesters also marched through the city in a counter-protest, and 1,800 police officers were deployed to keep the groups apart. '

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