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We just need to make it legal to shoot anyone who comes out of there.

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This is actually not as bad of an idea as it sounds at first... It gets them off the streets, lowers the rate of ods, and has been shown to reduce usage growth overall in places it's been done. Look at Ireland and Scotland for examples.

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Next step: Provide nurses to inject whatever drugs the addict wants for them. Hell, why not cut to the chase and have the addicts order what they want off of a drug "menu"?

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I assume there will be some sort of city paid medical supervision. Can you imagine getting a degree so you can watch low lifes shoot up all day long?

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I was going to make a quip about how I find it interesting that giving people a safe place to do illegal things is a priority to California.. until I realized that sentence by itself basically explains California's dysfunction.

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Terminal Empathy.