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Sorry I haven't been posting much. Work has been hectic lately.

Anyway. . .

This is Kirishima in her early days before she became the fast battleship everyone (?) knows.

The Kongou-class ships were somewhat famous in WWII for being very quick battleships, and countering their speed was a major factor in the designs of later USN FBBs that would show up in WWII. And Kirishima herself would eventually be sunk by Washington (BB-56) so I guess it was an effective counter.

But the Kongou-class ships didn't actually start as battleships at all. They were initially battlecruisers along the lines of the infamous HMS Hood. I.E. Armament of a battleship, speed and armor of a cruiser. That's the stage she's in here.

Just thought it was a cool shot since normally photos of the Kongou class features their late forms.