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Ah found a new sub thx.

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Glad you enjoy. Feel free to post other warship-related content as well if you have your own interests.

I'm partial to ship photos with a brief history blurb attached, as you may have noticed. Heh.

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It would have been something else if the whale hadn't attacked the Maddox, LBJ had his marching orders to start a war. It cost money to kill a president.

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The TL;DR of the incident is that the US was secretly supporting South Vietnam before the war kicked off formally, but an attack on the USS Maddox August 2, 1964 acted as the impetus that led to the formal war we all know.

Look into the Gulf of Tonkin Incident for more if it interests you.

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The whole Gulf of Tonkin Incident was a great example of how easy it is to start a war if you really want one. I don't know if the "Maddox" is still around, but the "Turner Joy", which was present for the second day of the affair, was tied up in Bremerton, Washington as a museum ship for a long time and is worth a visit if it's still there.