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Age of Sigmar is a good time to start playing Age of Sigmar.

Age of Sigmar is not Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Warhammer is kill.


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Depends what you want out of the game.

Do you want engaging battles where regiments battle it out and sound tactical decisions are rewarded? Or would you prefer throwing down a handful of big guys onto a table, rushing them into each other and seeing who can roll the most dice? (While riding imaginary horses and talking to your models)

If you're looking for the former then no, it's not a good time to get into Warhammer. Warhammer Fantasy Battles as we knew it is dead.


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Yeah I started looking around at sites and stuff and noticed people are not happy. The 40k people always seem like they think it is a step in the right direction is there any reason why?


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There are a few reasons from what I can gather.

The biggest reason (in my opinion) is that AoS is a highly watered down 40k. It's not quite 40k with a Fantasy paint job, but it's much more similar to 40k than WFB ever was. Movement is similar, so is shooting. Thematically, it's similar as well. Golden Spacemarines Paladins fighting for their golden emperor against the foul hordes of chaos. There's also a lower barrier to entry, just a few dudes. There's no longer a need for regiments or blocks of troops - just squads.

As you can tell, I'm quite unhappy about it all. I can imagine that some people can enjoy AoS, but it's really not for me.