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Knowing that military people constantly lie to mislead the enemies (and sometimes even us) it has become impossible for me to believe anything they say.

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In Rare Meeting, Russia Delivers Intel To US Officials Showing “Planned Chemical Provocation” In Syria. 30 Aug 2018


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They don't bother probably because they know they don't have any. I guess the good thing is that Mattis is coming out now about this. Perhaps its a sign that Trump won't do anything in Syria.

Mattis has been known to be overruled before by Trump though and Mattis seems to sort of just give into the establishment at times. Its tough being in a position such as his.

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Or, if and when another false flag gas attack occurs. The USA/Nato etc can play the role of Sergeant Schultz


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That might happen. They might just use the situation of child soldiers being killed in Northern Syria as an excuse to intervene too. They can't let their CIA "spooks" just die off.

They need to finish the business. Its like Libya all over again. Gaddafi was about to conquer Sirte and they claimed that he was about to commit a genocide and they went after him.

If they are going to attack its because they want Assad undone and are tired of dealing with him. I think the fall out would be much worse than in Libya and the factions taking over would be far more radical.