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It feels good that I've probably cost them money because I've used adblockers and script blockers on their site, and whatever I post had to be stored on their servers at no extra cost to me. Also, I never click on anything that looks like something they might make revenue off of.

Come to think of it shitposting probably costs them a bundle. Way to go shitposters.


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For the good of society-Twitter has to die.


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But how will i critique and ridicule companies, celebrities, politicians, etc. without Twitter?


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"Dear Diary... Today Kanye West said Kimmies but was so big! Can you believe the MISOGYNY!!!!11!!"


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https://archive.is/ZHxIz :

Twitter to slash 9% of its workforce and kill Vine as it tries to eke out a profit - LA Times

'Noto described live video as integral to the future, noting there was record usage during the three days Twitter streamed election debates. '

'Dorsey said November would bring updates to the way Twitter handles concerns about harassment, bullying and other unwanted interaction between users. '

'The once fast-growing San Francisco company has produced nine straight quarters of slowing revenue growth compared with the prior-year quarter. '

'And monthly active users, the company’s key usage measurement, has stagnated for the last year. '

'Several other firms, including Salesforce.com Inc. and Walt Disney Co., have considered and then rejected the opportunity to acquire Twitter in recent weeks. '

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