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Welsh government votes to legalise medical cannabis. má

'A majority of Welsh assembly members have voted in favor of legalizing medical cannabis. '

'He has backed the call by the assembly members for medical cannabis to be legalizedThe result of the vote by the Welsh assembly may positively influence the second reading of Mr. '

'Assembly members expressed concern that some people who are using cannabis to help with illness are putting themselves at risk of prosecution. '

'The result of the vote was that 31 assembly members backed calls for the Welsh government to lobby their UK counterparts to legalize cannabis for medical use, only two assembly members voted against and 18 abstained. ', "But it's not just the Welsh government pushing for medical cannabis to be made legal, a bill is currently on its way through Parliament which proposes the legalization of medical cannabis in the UK. It was introduced to parliament by Welsh MP Paul Flynn, who previously achieved notoriety after admitting to making cannabis tea in the Commons."

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