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She's not attractive so this doesn't emotionally affect me.

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She might have been decent but like most women these days got fat.

[–] JoeFacts ago 

Mom beat her with an ugly stick. He dad beat her with an ugly stick. Then her boyfriend beat her with an ugly stick.

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Fuck that race-traitor

She deserved to pay the toll

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I figure from her photos that she must have had severe lack of self-esteem combined with a false body-image.

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I agree good point

[–] YoHomie ago 

It wasn't a false body image, it was a SHITTY body image. She totally should have had a negative body image anyway because she was turning into a fucking cow and only a nigger would touch that shit.

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Nothing of value was lost.

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Lequinton Melton

Sheboons and their fucking naming. Whre in the shit do they come up with these ridiculous names?

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I think they're amalgams of potential fathers? Like Lequinton would be Leroy Quincy or Anton?

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There's no way those monkeys are that clever. The names are just vaguely European-sounding. They like that, it makes them feel human. But, every so often one of the dumber ones will see a word like Listerine or Lemonjello and name her little turd-baby something hilarious, because they just don't understand words they way Whites do.

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Their sub saharran ultra low IQ makes them think it's coherent

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This girl's father needs to pay the toll next

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The WTF aspect is truly within the comments of that link people.

Holy fuck the niggers within there are all about protecting their own. Defending him due to his sad loss of his mother due to a fire.

The niggres types however will defend his actions all day because it was a white woman he killed. I swear the comments in that article will show you this is a race war.

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Countdown to teary-eyed boomer father crying about "not blaming the Community of Color".

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