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They should be infected with ebola

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Wez diseased n shiet.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnd we have a pandemic. On a positive note, it definitely provides an excuse for Martial Law and clean up of the illegal immigration problem.

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What in the fuck?!

[–] BlueDrache ago 

They are not "African migrants"

They are "nigger invaders" and should be shot.

[–] heym00n ago 

Good luck Ebola-Chan!

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Send the to California.

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Send them back to where they came from.

On the ships with the Star of David on the side... And start sinking the fucking ships.

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[–] Nosferatjew ago  (edited ago)

No. Send them the fuck out of this country. Might I suggest, the bottom of the ocean, or maybe into an active volcano.