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I can't believe I never put this together. Great job pointing this out!

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I thought the same thing, and she's probably a single mother

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You'll notice there's no dad in he picture; just crazy mommy and fruit cake sonny boy.

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don't blame the kid for being brainwashed. children are too naive to understand reality as fully as an adult does/should.

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That is exactly what makes it child abuse

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TFW you realize the entirety of social media is modeled on toxic addictive female pathologies .
The same way phone games like Candy Crush are designed to emulate the same addictive feedback loops
that traps old ladies in slot machine hell in casinos, fucksites like FB are designed to play on female in-group
social status/pecking order advancement strategies. Tranny kids are just the latest iteration of having your fad
lunch photo get more likes than the other bitches in your friends list. And illustrates perfectly that other humans,
including children are just social props for many women.

I'm just really hoping if this Trad Wife thing takes off, we can avoid this sort of shit.

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I came to the same conclusion about a week ago discussing this with my wife. I hope this is becoming a self awakening meme.

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No, the mass realization that parents pushing their kids into transgenderism are suffering from Munchhausen by proxy.

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so true

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Mom probably put panties or thong on him.

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Truly disgusting display of an immoral "parent". More like a predator.

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Good post.

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