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this is why "journalists " should be counted as legit targets when DOTR happens (in minecraft)

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Probably because MS-13 is the officially sponsored US government cartel. The establishment has a long history of working with and allowing certain cartels to flourish.

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Well the Mexican government certainly is an arm of the cartels. Not sure why the country's own government is less to blame than a foreign one.

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MSM embracing doxing of all those that resist the NWO.

This is a paradigm shift that will in no way come back to bite them in the ass...

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We know which side the New York Times is fighting for. The Honduran people should consider it a declaration of war against their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren.

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The article by the Times tells the tale of the losing side in great detail providing vital information of the self-defense group including their names, photographs, locations of their homes, the vehicle that one of them uses, and even the photographs of the two daughters of one individual. “If they were a nuisance for the MS13 gang, now they are a special target,” Martinez wrote.

Journalists are fucking cancer.

The writer from Contra Corriente wrote to Azam Ahmed asking telling him that he was looking into why faces and names were used for the story and the response from the writer was “HAHAHAHA” followed by another email days later where Ahmed claimed to not know how that email sent itself.

followed by another email days later where Ahmed claimed to not know how that email sent itself.

So he admits that it was actually him who sent the "HAHAHAHA"? Again, journalists are fucking cancer and the Honduran people would be right to consider this an act of war against them. This fuckhead just risked their lives and their children's lives.

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What the Honduran's learn from this: Shoot every reporter on sight.

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the reporter laughed

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It gives me a hard on thinking about choking the life out of that douche. Does that make me a faggot?

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