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I just went to their webite. It looks hilarious!

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Can't wait for his playthrough vid.


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Wouldn't work when I tried to check out

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Add this link to a torrent client.


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There's always something to be upset about. The question is, why does crap like this make the news?

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For those interested, here is a magnet link.

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Can't wait for the the second release in the series. God judges the world.

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https://archive.ph/pI7kL :

2019-06-02 | Fury over sick video game that lets players be Adolf Hitler and Christchurch mosque gunman | Daily Mail Online

"A sick video game that allows players to slaughter gay men, feminists and people of colour has been slammed as a 'disgrace' on social media."

'Killing LGBTQ people?'

'Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day lets users select characters that appear to be Christchurch gunman Brenton Tarrant, Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ, among others, before going on a rampage. '

'Set in 2028, the game says Jesus Christ has teamed up with caricatures of famous right-wing figures including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Benito Mussolini. ', "Writing on the Change.org petition, one social media user said the game is 'appalling'. 'Who in their right mind created this?"

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"False Flag": the Game.

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