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I fully expected to see one of them pick one of the kids up and start swinging it at the others like a club.

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I thought it was a toy doll at first. It's a kid??

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lol, so did I. If you watch long enough it tries to get up.

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You nearly got me there - that made me go back and re-watch it to be sure that I saw it try to get up.

For the record, it does.

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A video like that actually exsists, I've seeen I've seen it.

[–] Maggotfeast ago 

Me too! Bet nobody would guess the race.

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That baby now has a lower IQ than it was born with. Which is fucking low.

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Paris? London?

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Dearborn Michigan

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I was going to say something about Dearborn needing to get it's shit together! Fucking figures.

[–] CobraStallone ago 

Probably Saudi Arabia in all honesty, going off the fact that all cars are white for the fucking amounts of sun they get. Could be wrong though.

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It's a pack of wild dogs wrapped in trash bags. They are trying to claim ownership to the pup. DOMINATION! Seriously great video. Thanks.

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Wow, I can't believe the Divas match during Wrestlemania in Saudi Arabia spilled into fhe streets!

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[–] YoHomie ago 

Niggers; go figure.