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And he will get off without any jail time because of his size.

But really what more could we do to it. It's already 900 fucking pounds. It's already a prisoner inside of it's body.

That large he can't even wipe his own ass properly.

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That's sad, because some time in prison with a reduced calorie diet would do wonders for him. WTF level of caloric intake is required to maintain a 900 lb weight anyway? Is 10000kc a day even enough? Selling cocaine was probably the only way he could afford his grocery bill.

On another note I want to see his mugshot.

Edit, According to a maintenance calorie formula I found, at a guess he had to eat 13950 calories a day to weigh that much. So he was eating in one day what a normal person eats in a week. The lowest number I found was 8000 a day, so 4 days worth in 1 day.

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13950 calories a day

I can't... how do you even find the time.

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Give him free twinkies until the heart attack takes him. Won't be long.

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If we had an address I'm sure the twinkies would just flood his mailbox, but how would he even get up out of bed to get them?

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same way he gets food now

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900 lbs, incredible. I thought such people only existed on the pages of Weekly World News.

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I don't know any drug dealers or how they operate other than shit I've seen on shows like C.O.P.S., so how in the hell does a 900 pound slob sell drugs?

He has to pick up the goods from somewhere, he can't even fit behind a steering wheel to drive somewhere, hell he probably couldn't even walk to his truck. Do his suppliers deliver to him?

How does he sell it? He can't go out and hustle, although he would have a lot of folds to hide shit in and nobody would go looking. Was he just a mule that got carted around and then bags were pulled out of his rolls?