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For sure the white woman will be blowing the black guy while the white man cries and jacks it in the corner.


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See, this is something that doesn't make any sense if you take their word for it. Less than 10 years ago Sweden was one of the whitest countries in the world. If black africans were there first, and they aren't now, wouldn't that mean that the white man was superior in that environment and dominated and destroyed the weaker, less able black skinned peoples in that region? Were the dark skinned people less intelligent? Less resilient? Why did whites thrive but the closest blacks ended up living two whole bodies of water away? (Baltic/north sea + Mediterranean) How come it's taken thousands of years for black people to return to the region? (On (((European))) owned boats)

Just makes those blacks look even worse, considering they apparently controlled the whole world and were in every country before white people came around and committed the black genocide of 9,000BC or what ever they are telling Europeans these days.