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What the fuck? What is even the reason for this?

[–] not_drunk 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Definitely, an asshole move..

But hard pressed to see this as a criminal act. (other than public nudity)

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Fun fact in the state of Florida public urination will get you placed on the sex offenders registry.

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Guess seems legit, if you intentionally urinate right in front of people.

Then, again.. see California...

Why do people not behave reasonably any more?

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The only justifiable punishment, IMO, is to have the offender clean it up. An apology would be nice as well, but ethically unenforceable.

The most JUST punishment would be for him to have to explain his actions to his mom and grandmom on live TV.

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Maybe the kid loved those "Piss on this" stickers?

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Wow.... A black guy doing community service without being convicted first? Good stuff.